An Honest Review Of Singapore Wedding Photographers

Not every photographer in Singapore is good, and hence I have written this blog post to discuss about the various wedding photographers you may encounter while looking for in Singapore. I will discuss the more common and popular wedding studios you most likely would have found in Singapore.

Mindy Tan ( – In my opinion, she is getting more and more popular in Singapore, but in my honest opinion, her works are clearly over rated. Sure, they’re actually technically sound and beautiful, however, they’re not as good as some people tout it to be. Somehow, it doesn’t make me go wow… and I’m not sure if that’s a good idea when it comes to wedding photos. I want my own wedding photographs to be nothing short of breath taking.

Bloc Memoire ( – Don’t ask me why. I just like the photographs they take. They have this faded feel to almost all of their photographs though, and not everyone may like wedding images which look like this, so this is something you may want to note. Their photographs are not very saturated in terms of color strength, so if you prefer more saturated colors wedding photographs, then look elsewhere. But if you like the faded feeling, then Bloc Memoire is a good choice of a wedding studio in Singapore.

Grandeur Wedding Studio ( – I also love their photographs. In my honest opinion, they’re one of the best studios in Singapore. I feel that the photographs they take just focuses on being breath taking. They may not be ‘technically’ sound for all the photos, but I can assure you that the photographs they take are breath taking for couples. In fact, they also have an Instagram profile, so you can feel free to check out more of Grandeur Wedding Studio’s portfolio on their Instagram profile @grandeurweddingstudio.

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