Picking A Singapore Wedding Photographer Can Be Easy – Here’s How

Now I know most couples may feel intimidated by the many choices that they’re able to find on the Internet, as there are so many wedding studios and wedding photographers in Singapore. Here’s how you can pick your ideal wedding photographer (like how I used to pick mine http://www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-singapore) with relative ease!

1 First of all, know what type of wedding photographs both you and your spouse love. For instance, some couples love black and white wedding photographs, while other couples in Singapore may love something unique to Singapore (e.g. with Singapore landscapes in the background e.t.c.). You should discuss with your spouse about your preference in wedding photos before even going out to look for a potential wedding photographer in Singapore.

2 Second of all, after looking through the Internet (Google for their websites or search for Singapore wedding photographers on Instagram) for people (photographers or studios) in Singapore which have a portfolio which style suits you and your spouse’s preference, shortlist these people. After you get a list of their contacts, send them emails (if possible so you can compile easier) and then ask them for their price and packages.

3 Third of all, since all of the studios suit your tastes and preferences, now you should look at what you get in the package, price and how fast they respond to you. (There are horror stories of couples engaging photography service, and usually these photographers or studios are very slow and unresponsive.) The number one most important thing now is to see who replies you fast enough (at least within 24 hours of your enquiry).

4 Fourth of all, look at what they provide in their package. Some wedding photographers only provide photography services (e.g. companies like 36 Frames), while others include everything (very rare, it would be very expensive) while others in Singapore includes photography services but with discounted partner rates for other bridal services (e.g. .

5 Finally, if the package suits you and your spouse, then check out the prices. Once the above are all right, then look at the prices. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to look at the prices without having made a decision based on the other above more important factors.

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