Who Should You Pick For Wedding Photography In Singapore?

There are namely 3 types of wedding photography couples take in Singapore, and depending on which one you really want, you have slightly different ideal choices for a wedding photographer.

The 3 types of wedding photography in Singapore are ROM photoshoot, pre wedding photoshoot as well as actual day wedding photography. Not every couple will go for a ROM photoshoot, but most couples in Singapore would go for pre wedding and actual day.

When it comes to ROM photography, JR Photography is actually a pretty good choice. One of their specialties which they’re really good in is ROM photography. Although not every couple in Singapore goes for a ROM photoshoot, if you’re considering it, then make sure you and your spouse chooses one of the better bridal studios in Singapore just like JR Photography.

When it comes to pre wedding photography, Grandeur Wedding Studio is one of the more popular wedding photography company in Singapore and is usually the top few choices couples in Singapore end up picking. Although they also do ROM and actual day wedding ceremony, most of their customers are actually couples who choose pre wedding photography. Make sure to check out Grandeur Wedding Studio in Singapore for your pre wedding needs.

When it comes to actual day wedding ceremony photography, one of the top choices is actually Edmund Photo. Although their website looks absolutely mediocre due to the outdated design, their photography is different. Their actual day wedding photographs look very real and you feel as though you were there at the ceremony and an actual day wedding events if you were to look at the wedding pictures they took.

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