Review of Grandeur Wedding Studio

By now, I’m sure that most of you have heard of the upcoming and increasingly popular wedding photography firm in Singapore – Grandeur Wedding Studio (

Many readers of my blog has requested me to write a review on them, and I have decided to do so in this post. Do take note that this is from what I gather from the Internet, and around 5-10 of their past customers.

  • First and foremost, although they also do videography, their real specialty is in photography. I would highly recommend you to pick them for their photography (for their main expertise) and videography if you need it as well. If you need videography only, it’s probably ideal if you look for another company in Singapore.
  • Second of all, do note that although their name has a studio in it, they offer all kinds of ‘outdoor’ wedding photography (e.g. non studio shots).
  • Thirdly, from the wedding photos displayed on their website as well as their Instagram page, I would say I was really impressed when I first saw it. Even from my point of view as a professional, their photographs look really amazing – so if you want amazing photographs, I believe they would be a good choice.
  • Next, I have downloaded their price list and packages information from their website, and what I found was that their rates are certainly very reasonable for such a high level of quality in their wedding photographs.
  • One thing to note is that they’re not a full service studio. This means that Grandeur Wedding Studio will take care of all things related to your wedding photography and / or videography needs, but you need to arrange your own bridal make up artist, and actual day wedding transportation vehicles e.t.c.

All in all, I would say that for such a relatively new studio, Alvin (founder) has done a tremendous and amazing job – let’s give him the support he needs.

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