All About Pre Wedding Photo Shoots In Singapore

Ever been to a couple’s pre wedding photo shoot or happened to see another couple’s pre wedding photo shoot on the streets or some park in Singapore?

Here’s what you may find interesting about such wedding photography, and if you need one, here’s whom I think is the best and most popular pre wedding photographer in Singapore.

First and foremost, Singapore usually has a warm and humid weather all year round. So make sure to bring your water bottle, umbrella and tower / handkerchief if you wish to keep yourself looking fresh throughout the day. Of course, make sure to hire a make up artist to touch up your make up as well.

Second of all, contrary to what most people think, pre wedding photographers are not a ridiculously wealthy bunch of people. Therefore, most of them will need some form of transportation or another. Most photographers in Singapore do not have a private car. Therefore, make sure to check with your photographer if transportation needs to be found. Do not make assumptions without checking.

Third of all, more of the hard work is done during the photoshoot day for an actual day photographer. However, most of the hard work is done AFTER the photography session for a pre wedding photographer in Singapore. This is because there will be extensive colour correction and editing work behind the scenes. That’s what they’re really charging you for if you think they’re expensive.

Fourth of all, what you see is usually what you get. Just like you would not expect a Western cuisine chef to whip up an entire table worth of excellent Shark Fin’s soup and Chinese delicacies, you cannot simply expect a photographer whose portfolio is all of a certain photography style to suddenly change and magically capture bridal images of a completely different style. If you like pre wedding photos which are vivid and with stronger colours, then make sure to go with a pre wedding photographer whose photographs look like that. (The above recommended photographer has such photos.)

Finally, although the name says otherwise, it’s ok to have your ‘pre wedding’ photo shoot AFTER your wedding ceremony! In fact, many couples wait until they’re financially stable enough to engage a pre wedding photographer in Singapore. This is because a good photographer charges more, and if you want the best photos, then you would ideally need to pay more. This is why many couples opt for post wedding photo shoots… which is essentially pretty much the same thing!

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